What Weightlifters Should Know About Body Fat

You know there are some people who say weightlifting is a sport for fat people. Well, let's get all science-y and put down the haters and pick up some big weights before we turn into bi-polar Instagram obsessives.

Quick Tips: CrossFit Qualifiers for Masters and Teens

You have until Monday to get the 4 workouts done so, get going you Masters and Teens. Apparently, there's a lot of you competing this weekend. Take the advice here and good luck!

Don't Sweat the Demon Scale

How do we manage anxiety, ambivalence, and stress? How do we prioritize wants and needs? How do we take care of ourselves- physically, mentally, and emotionally? Enjoy the read!

How to Age Gracefully

Aging is just changing. Change for the better or change for the worse? Judging by the 40, 50, 60 and plus people who are in the gym these days it can be the best of times.

Parents: Get Out of the Way and Let the Coaches Coach

No one gets into coaching for the money. True story. They do it because they like what they do and who they are doing it for so, cut them some slack and keep a check on your pro dreams for your spawn.

How to Self-Assess Your Movement Pathologies

You exist on a continuum of emotional states, physiological states, and biomechanical states. Posture is simply a reflection of that continuum. Finding the middle of that spectrum can help in so many physical activities.

Run Your Own Diet Experiment Like a Scientist

You're a complex physiological phenomenon. Lots of stuff going on inside you that is unique to you, and only you. So, be your own lab because you're your own best hope for objectivity.

Effective Training: Make Every Rep Count

Sacrifice the rush and focus on the effort and form. Consistently making good reps is the smart way to work towards your desired results.

A Free Keto Diet Recipe Book: Lox Stuffed Avocados and More

We're great believers in food. The kind you make yourself because that's the only guarantee of integrity you'll ever have. So, if you're going keto, which is a thing, then you'll love these tried and tested recipes as part of your plan.

Re-Thinking Orthodox Set and Rep Structures to Optimise Hypertrophy

"It ain't the years, honey, it's the mileage." Indy didn't lift but, if he did, he would probably say, it's not the sets, bro, it's the volume.

Paleo Nutrition for Athletes: What to Eat After Workouts & Other Hacks

Tons of bro-science and bodybuilding message boards attest to the cray cray of workout nutrition intelligence. The dirty little secret is that everyone is different, no surefire method for everyone, and all the usual cliches. Just be your own laboratory and don't preach, maybe.

The Athlete's Toolbox: Build Your Base With Postural Mechanics

Strenuous exercise on a malfunctioning system is a recipe for injury. What feels natural to you may not be. You might just have to rebuild yourself from the ground up, beginning with posture.

Hold On TIght! 3 Grip Building Exercises

Lots of muscles in your hands and arms. But, sometimes all those muscles don't do much good as the bar slips through your fingers or you drop to the floor from your pull-up. Functional strength means getting a strong grip things.

The 7 Competitor Characteristics in the CrossFit Open

Competition isn't for everyone but if you do it among friends and have a positive attitude, it can reveal some hard-earned truths about yourself. Like, are you a fizzler or a double camper?

Community: The Real Fitness X-Factor

We need connections. We need to feel comfortable and supported by people who will understand our vulnerabilities. We need our fitness families.

The Proper Wrist Position for the Kettlebell Press

The joy of pressing heavy can only be attained by learning how to press properly and by repeating correct technique.

Muscle Progress: Reverse Linear Daily Undulating Periodization

Some people get all excited about the dab, but you ain't lived 'til you do the DUP.

The Definitive Guide to Picking a Sports Performance Trainer

Youth sports are big business. Athletic kids need moolah and lots of it. So here's a guide to finding a high caliber trainer, someone who is going to deliver value and quality and, most importantly, results.

A Practical Guide to Walking on Your Hands

Fear of falling is a natural response when you turn your world upside down but the alternative view and the killer workout are worth the effort. Now go make your hands your feet.

Health Clubs Should Focus on Our Fears

The obesity crisis is killing people. Yet, the fitness industry is still fixated on six-pack abs and bikini ready marketing. It's easier to sell an image than a solution to an uncomfortable problem or, are we just being too cynical?

Simple Rules for Crushing Health and Life

You can't be crushing it all the time. Even the Hulk gets to be Bruce Banner every now and then. So, the best thing about having a set of guiding rules is knowing when to break them.

A Practical Guide to Intermittent Fasting

One of the interesting things about intermittent fasting is that while it isn't a good fit for everyone, it offers a sense of release from the focus on consumption that taxes you mentally during a diet. Kind of like deprivation without the insanity.

Does Your Equipment Hurt More Than Help?

Your closet, gym bag, and gym are full of opportunities to insulate your body from how it feels to move well. Resist the allure and promises of fancy new gear to consider how it will add to and detract from your training.

Stalled Progress? You Probably Aren't Lifting Heavy Enough

Resistance isn't futile. The more resistance, the more progress. It isn't a revolutionary idea but it will help you evolve in your training and get in a lot of puns at the same time.

CrossFit Open 2018: Best Programmed Ever

A recap of the WODs of one of the better Opens in CrossFit's short history leads to a discussion of whether CrossFit is really for everyone and what that means if you're planning to compete in 2019. Yes, you have to start training now for next year.

Finding Your Flow: Challenging Bodyweight Orthodoxy

Flow is an experience in movement that is not easily found in traditional gym workouts. But, if you can find it, you can raise your game and get more joy out of your physical routines. That's a great place to be in your training.

Bounce Back from Injury Mentally and Physically

Some people will have their first injury and never bounce back. Sometimes rehab is more painful than the injury itself. Find ways to make it work because you've got this. You can rebound.

Why Body Language Can Help You Dominate Your Training

Hunch your shoulders and look downcast and you won't feel good about your chances. Surge with a sense of power, stand tall and it translates into real-world results. Your non-verbal behavior has meaning.

The Essential Tools for Athletic Success

You tend to think about technique and performance in the gym, but how about trying to be a craftsman. Start packing some essential tools the next time you're heading out for a workout.

Respect the Bar: Create Your Set Up Checklist

Your starting position isn’t the only determining factor in the quality of your lift, but it is arguably the biggest.

Pull It Tight, Lift It Right

A lifting belt is going to be one of your most trusted friends in the gym. Here's one all-rounder that really impressed our coach.

Stuck? Try Doing It Right

The beginners' mindset is the absence of ego, the willingness to absorb everything, and the desire to grow. Use it to get through plateaus and sticking points in your training.

Sometime Little Aches and Pains Snowball

You'd think a seemingly joint-friendly activity would be free from some of the pain of pounding the ground, but cycling is a contact sport.

A Comprehensive Pegan Diet Guide and 7-Day Meal Plan

Who knew food could be so hard. It isn't. Really! But you do have some obstacles in the way like, whole industries devoted to processing the good out of what you shove in your mouth. It's in the small print.

Money, Race, Gender, and Their Impact on Obesity

On one hand, the more developed nations, the richer ones, are the most obese. On the other hand, in those same nations, the less money you have, the more likely you are to be obese. And that's just one part of the problem.

The Holy Trinity of Holistic Training

The training you is made up of multiple personas - some aggressive and hard, some mindful. It's different for everyone. Have a look at ways to bring all the parts of you together to create a greater whole.

CrossFit Open WOD 18.5 Quick Tips

It's the final round of the CrossFit Open. Take some advice, plan ahead and give it all you got because this is for another year!

Help for Tight Hips

Stretching isn't moving. It's .... stretching. So, no stretching today. Now, let's get down to the real business of loosening up those tight spots and, you'll be glad to know, strength is a big part of it.

The Science of Weight Loss Loves Hard and Heavy

Whether you're struggling with obesity or are fine-tuning for athletic performance, here's where your head should be on the subject of weight loss. You might just end up enjoying the process of losing weight instead of feeling like it's purgatory.

A Unified Theory of Human Movement

The Reembody Method is a modality that combines physics, evolutionary biology, neurology, and fundamental psychology. It may also ignite the imagination of the health and fitness industry to think differently about movement.

Add more muscle. Sounds simple enough. It isn't. But it sure does a body good. Try undulating methods: https://goo.gl/wMaHXM

How to Perform Muscle Ups Without Wrecking Your Shoulders

At age 49, Paul Roberts overcame a life-disrupting shoulder injury and achieved the first of many muscle ups. Here's how he did it.

The Main Reason You Aren't Getting Any Stronger

Training is about creating an adaptation in your physiology, one adaptation resulting in you getting stronger. So stop treating it as if it's a bunch of exercises strung together to make you feel spent.

When to Quit

Don't give up on something, just know that there are goals and objectives that you have to quit.

CrossFit Open WOD 18.4 Quick Tips

You may not be able to finish this one but it's still a great benchmark to show you where you stand in your training. Otherwise, from here on out, the WODs are highly competitive and really starting to separate the top athletes from the rest of the pack.

Repetition is the Mother of All Learning

It's worth repeating that repetition is essential to success. Just make sure that your mind is switched on to the benefits and isn't on autopilot because you have a lot to learn. Everyone does.

Cycling Through Rage Infested Roads

Sure, you can train for the Zombie Apocalypse by doing all kinds of gym work. Or, you can get on a bike and take on the world's deadliest obstacle courses, our roads filled with irate travelers. How tough are you?

How to Not Eat Like an Idiot

Alex Maclin knows moving a barbell is the easy part. It's moving your mind to a sustainable nutrition philosophy that's really hard. A profound conversation with a coach who doesn't just talk about food, but also about empowering the whole person.

The Athlete's Toolbox: The Lost Art of Breathing

Don't complicated breathing. It should come naturally but there's nothing natural about huffing and puffing through your workouts. You need to get a handle on your lungs and fire up your endurance and stamina.

The Truth About Falling Off the Wagon

Stuff happens. You don't get to live your life free from pain or disappointment. That's truer in the gym than anywhere else. Dusting yourself off and getting back into it should be a habit you cultivate.