3 Summer Challenges That Will Shift Your Fitness Approach

Take it outside. Flowing between modalities and using the connection between the entire body is what makes fitness endlessly fun and interesting.

How to Look After Yourself During Pregnancy

We don't subscribe to the pregnant-but-days-away-from-a-bikini-body school of fitness. We do subscribe to the healthy pregnancy school of fitness. It's not about how you look, but how you feel.

The Golden Triangle: The Secret to Human Performance

We may be entering a new era of strength and conditioning development, one that will make athletes stronger, faster, and likely to endure beyond any existing limits. All at the same time.

Screw the Egg Whites, Yolk Me, Bro

That tasty bit in eggs, you know the rich, creamy golden part, it's okay, you can have it. You can have it every day. Put in an omelet bar in the kitchen. We've got your back.

The Jerk and Aging Elbows: How to Fix Your Lockout

You kicked butt on Monday. You get up Tuesday and you think, Hmmm, that joint twinge wasn't there yesterday. Time to do some skill work and rehab your form?

16:8 Diet Finds Some More Love Among the Scientific Community

Regular fasting does a body good, just depends on how you time it.

5 Rules to Deadlift By

No, deadlifts will not kill you. Yes, they need you to pay attention. It's a technical lift that does not suffer fools gladly. And, they're not much fun unless they're done heavy. So, pay attention and stay smart.

Stay Fit and Heart Healthy to Power Your Brain

There can be no doubt that strength is favorable to aging and slows down the declines that come in both mental and physical capacities. It's never too late to strength train. Just do it and get strong.

The Relationship Between Powerful Grips and Screen Time Diseases

Take that phone and squeeze hard. If you can crush it in your hand then you don't have to worry about the negative impact of too much screen time on your overall health.

Embrace Individuality: Find Your Best Lifting Technique

Two people can look dramatically different doing the same lift and both can be absolutely correct.

Science Discovers the Beauty of the French Fry

Fat-carb combos light up neural circuits in the reward center of the brain more than a favorite food and that's why you want fries with that.

The 3 Key Training Variables to Manipulate for Size

Specificity is a very simple concept and the fundamental principle upon which to base your training plan.

Why We Are Drowning In the Western Diet

While we are often dazzled by the bright shiny influencers of fitness on social media and in the popular press, the reality is that we are nowhere near making a dent in the health crisis facing us. That's not right.

4 Core Strengthening Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Core, trunk, torso - it's the bit in the middle and it seems to hold the secret to strength and longevity and looking good naked. TLC means tender loving core.

3 Ways to Snap Out of Your Mental Prison

A brutal workout may leave you broken mentally, emotionally and physically but it can also give you a sense of freedom and peace.

Are Plant-Based Proteins Friendly for Keto and Paleo Diets?

There are viable alternatives to animal-derived proteins for vegans, vegetarians, others interested in plant-based diets, and for those not tolerant to dairy or other proteins.

Humans, You Must Be Able to Carry

Imagine having all that lean, beautiful musculature and then not being able to do anything with it. Carry heavy loads over a distance because it's a simply brilliant way to live strong.

Banded Nordic Hamstring Exercise: Let's Build Those Hammies!

For the average person, a sedentary person, the hamstring shortens considerably and unfortunately, males who typically have tight hip flexors, exacerbate this tightening.

Special guest David Essel talking on this episode: "People fall victim to multitasking, which is not going to get you anywhere. We fall victim to procrastination, which is one of the greatest killers of dreams in the world. We fall victim to projecting that the reason that we're in this financial situation, this weight, this health, this relationship is genetics, other people, the economy, the presidency, whatever. And when we stay focused, we start to look at the world differently."


Running Drills to Cure Heel Striking and Shin Splints

Adhering to the practice of doing things the right way, knowing how you need to adapt the rules to your own personal circumstances, and working on your form consistently. Even running is an acquired skill.

Optimal Frequency Training for Hypertrophy

Frequency of training shouldn’t be considered a blanket, body-wide issue, but a muscle-specific one.

A Nutrition Guide for Plant-Based Bodybuilders

Adopting a plant-based diet isn't challenging the orthodoxy of training and nutrition. It's the same principles but with just a different entree. And more and more people are choosing to do it.

CrossFit Executive Fires Off A Bunch Of Homophobic Tweets, Immediately Gets Sent To Time Out

This is going to be interesting to watch. Could go either way.

Soda Is Cigarettes: The Need for Clearer Villains

The obesity epidemic is real and so is the clout of the soda companies. Working on changing the habits of heavy consumers of sugary drinks is just as important today as the battles against smoking were a few decades ago.

The Hard Truths of Improving Physique and Fitness

It's not rocket science. It's not even preparing for the zombie apocalypse and it's certainly not an act of war. But, yet, so many people struggle with it.

Physical Morality: Our Obligation to Strengthen Our Bodies

Socially, ethically, and psychologically the imperatives for physical well-being point to a moral imperative to being fit. In other words, you cannot separate the mind from the body.

The Problem with Succession In Weightlifting

Do great coaches have a viable succession plan? Probably not. Young, innovative coaches may not be getting the opportunities they need to create the next generation of successful trainees.

Empty Your Cup, You're Not That Good Yet

One problem with feeling like you're hitting your goals is that you feel like you've made it. But you want to be doing great all of the time. That means being open to learning and developing all the time.

Exercise in Adolescence and Its Impact on Postmenopausal Decline

Your activity in your teenage years has repercussions later. Build a foundation early in life and bank some strength because everyone has struggles as they age.

Make Weighted Stretching Work for You

Passive static stretching in adults does very little so, you might want to try weighted mobility training. Increase range of motion and strengthen that muscle.

9 Mental Strategies to Master the Basics of Training

Put away your desire to distract yourself with bright shiny training tricks and say no to fads and hacks in your training. It's hard to do the simple things but doing them right is the only way to build a strong foundation.

Avoiding the Rounded Shoulder Chain of Pain

You're probably on a phone right now looking at this with your neck all bent and your back rounded. No, don't stop. You're going to do it anyhow so, make amends in other ways.

Grip Strength: Better Than Any Dating App

Yup, there's a correlation between a muscle, marriage, and mortality. Cue strength coaches everywhere folding their arms. smiling smugly, and saying, "Hah! I know that!"

Getting Your Success in 2019 Means Starting Today

Next year seems like a long way off, but not if you have ambitions. Big dreams. Plans. Hopes and desires. Whatever you got going on next year, your training starts today.

Lactic Acid: The Key to Metabolism

Lactate is the body's Visa card, it's accepted by cells everywhere.

Protein Supplements Are Not for Snacking

Overcomplicating supplement timing may create a slew of new research projects but it doesn't seem to provide any cut and dried information that can be generalized and put on an infographic.

Squat Because Your Brain Needs Strong Legs

New research on neurological diseases and movement shows that using the legs, particularly in weight-bearing exercise, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy neural cells.

The Keto Diet: Chicken Makhani and Spiced Okra

When you want to go keto with your recipes, try getting inspiration from Middle Eastern or Asian cuisine as these often offer lower carb options with minor changes.

From Pelvis to Hamstring, Mastering Seated Forward Folds

When you sit on the floor with your pelvis rocked back because you lack control/awareness/strength/flexibility to move the pelvis forward, you can spend the next 12 months diligently stretching your hamstrings and still never feel truly comfortable

HIIT Reductio is Better Than Nothing, Much Better

If an inactive person can fit 10 minute HIIT workouts into their lives, 3 times a week, that's enough to make a difference. And this is why everyone needs a lifting platform next to their desk at work.

5 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

There is an art to lifting really, really heavy stuff. It's pretty meaty art but it's still art. And strength. Big, beautiful, brutal strength. Applied tastefully, of course.

Do You Need Sport Specific Training?

Can you effectively mimic sports activities in the gym? Nah, not really. Good old strength and conditioning work beat gimmicky and flashy every time.

Learn a New Skill or Re-Learn What you Think you Know

Curiosity should be a part of your athlete toolbox. With curiosity comes the capacity to learn new things or do old things better. With learning comes growth and a long, prosperous training life. It's the 60 year challenge.

An 8-Week Longevity-Based Program for Masters Weightlifters

Weightlifting is a bit like throwing up a couple of hundred pounds of metal into the air and then having to catch it in a perfectly balanced yoga pose. Your body will have some questions for you, trust us.

Try Finding Strength and Fitness in Everyday Life

Being healthy takes some guts. Not only do you have to exert yourself a little more, but you have to fight the social tide propelling you away from what is best for you.

There’s More To Lifting Weights Than Lifting Weights

If you can squat that “unattainable” weight you can do the “unthinkable” in your daily life too.

Behind the Scenes of Your Running Program

Runners who start lifting weights with purpose and intensity get faster, last longer, and suffer fewer injuries.

Making Time to Switch Off

It never gets old, moderation is better than compulsion, obsession, and over-indulgence. It's the healthier way. So, why should your phone and social media be treated any different?